Monday, September 24, 2018

How To Have A Night Out Without Ruining Your Diet

How To Have A Night Out Without Ruining Your Diet

A common barrier to staying on track with a healthy lifestyle is a night out. You can stay diligent all week, but sometimes when the weekend hits, it all goes out the window. Rather than punishing yourself the next day for your bad choices, plan ahead. Following some really basic rules will help make sure you have a great night out on the town without completely derailing your diet.

Eat A Healthy Meal

A healthy meal will start your night off on the right foot. Eating a healthy meal will help lay a good foundation so you absorb your alcohol at a steady rate. Not only will it help moderate your intoxication, but it will keep you full to help you fight off late night munchies. Eating after a night of drinking and then going to bed is terrible for your waistline.

Keep Your Cocktails Simple

ordering, the simpler your cocktail the better. The more ingredients, the more calories and sugars you will ingest that can throw off your diet. Recently, we wrote a blog on some personal trainer approved cocktails that you can read here. Stick to these and you’ll be in good shape

Do Something Active

When you go out, plan on doing something active with your friends. Whether you go to a beercade and play games, hit the dance floor at a club, or play beer pong, physical activities will keep you right on track. They’ll help you burn off some of the excess calories from the alcohol and help you from getting too intoxicated.

Alternate Cocktails With Glasses Of Water

Not only will alternating glasses of water help keep you hydrated while you drink, it has other benefits. First, it will help you keep from overindulging in alcohol because you’ll be busy drinking waters. Secondly, it will ensure that you stay full so you don’t indulge in late night munchies. Finally, it will reduce your hangover in the morning. So there’s nothing to lose!

Workout In The Morning

We know it’s tough to think about getting up after a night out and working out. However, hitting a personal training session or a small group fitness the morning after is the best way to recover. You’ll sweat out all the toxins and burn off those excess alcohol calories. It may be tough but it will make a major difference.

So go ahead and go for a night out, just follow these rules and you’ll stay on track. For other tips and tricks on how to still have fun while you make some healthy lifestyle changes, follow our blog. Also if you haven’t tried our small group fitnesses classes yet, they are perfect for social butterflies like yourself.

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