Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Get Ripped With High Intensity Interval Training

Most people who work out are looking for that perfect formula that will chisel their bodies. No matter what type of routine you select, accounting for consumed calories with nutritional planning is an everyday part of the endeavor. When that is in place, then comes time to select the training method that will get you ripped.

It is important to understand that effort, alone, is not enough. Committing to an exercise program that emphasizes an activity like long distance running will build up your endurance, but it is not a guaranteed to get you ripped. Those who run lengthy distances may also experience a decrease in weight, which can present a whole new set of health risks. So, if you are looking to get lean, you don’t have to run to the next town over and back again. There is another way of training that works.

High intensity interval training pushes you during your workouts and does not require you to run for miles. The premise behind this unique program is to push yourself through brief but intense anaerobic exercises. Whatever type of workout you choose should be done in short increments with high intensity. You can even rest briefly between intervals.

There is even high intensity interval training for runners. Alternating sprints with periods of rest or slow running serves the function of increasing strength in your muscles. It also bolsters the cardiovascular system while accelerating your body’s ability to burn fat. Blood sugar is improved as well. And all this can be accomplished without having to maintain a steady, monotonous jog all through your town.

The secret sauce behind high intensity interval training is fat burning. Clinical studies have proven that high intensity intervals of cardio equate to more fat loss when compared to workouts with lower intensity. And the fat burning does not stop once your high intensity interval workout is through. For the 24-hour period following the workout, your metabolic rate will remain increased. Your sensitivity to insulin will improve in your muscles and growth hormones will also see a rise. This is just a scientific way of saying you will burn calories all day long.

One of the most important components is high intensity. If you are sprinting, then do it as fast as you can. Pushing your muscles is key for this type of training to succeed. Remember, it is called high intensity for a reason and it is up to you to bring that intensity.

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