Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How Long To Wait Before Training The Same Muscle?

There is a long-standing topic of debate that focuses on how often you should train the same muscle. One of the cardinal rules is to wait 2-3 days. While that may work for some people, it is not a universal rule, as there are many factors to consider.

The first thing to know is that the recovery period for one person is not the same as the next person. The more you get into a steady routine, the more familiar you will become with your muscles’ ability to recover. Sometimes, it is merely a method of trial and error. And it is also important to listen to your body. Soreness is a sign that you are not ready to max out that same muscle right away. For those who may be uncertain about how many off days to take and don’t have a personal trainer to ask, here are some suggestions.

Age consideration

This is not just how old you are, but also how long you have been training. Those who have just started out may need a little more recovery time before working out the same muscles. Those in the intermediate training phase have a little more know-how and the advanced person knows exactly how much time to take between training. Age also plays a part as recovery periods are longer for those higher up in age.


Your smaller muscles will experience a quicker recovery time than your bigger muscles. For example, working out your biceps can be done in quicker intervals than your back workouts. And if you have worked out quite a few muscles, which could be a result of deadlifting, your recovery time might be the same for all body parts. It is also important to remember that some muscles are used when training different body parts. Your triceps are used during a chest day, which is usually a result of bench pressing. And an arm day a couple days later retrains your triceps. 

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A light day does not mean you have to wait a full week to resume the same workout. The level of intensity makes a huge difference. Some fitness training differs according to the sport. Those training for an extreme sport will use a different level of intensity than those training more leisurely. This means their downtime and rest periods should be adjusted accordingly.

It does not come down to a set number of days, but a simple judgment call. And when it comes to training your body, you are the best judge. Just listen to your body and follow the previously-mentioned steps to develop your own recovery timeframe. While resting your sore muscles, be sure to continue with a healthy nutritional plan, adequate sleep, and regular stretches to help your body recovery at its best.

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